Our Dining Services Offer Variety

Centralia Point offers delicious entrée choices every day in our beautifully furnished dining room.

Dining assistance is readily available.

Each morning, we provide a selection of breakfast choices.

We accommodate a variety of dietary needs, textures, and preferences.

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We offer options that suit every need.

Dietary modifications we honor include:

Portion Controlled Menus

No Added Sugar Menus

No Added Salt Menus

Additional Modified Diets



A wise person once said, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food!”

Nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and we take these words to heart here at Centralia Point.  We would love to meet you– reach out and set up a meeting today!

Here are 10 healthy eating tips we recommend for any adult. but especially seniors:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat a variety of foods, varying in color
  • Plan your meals for sustained healthy eating
  • Season with herbs and spices for added flavor
  • Minimize your use of table salt (doing so will fend off heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and kidney disease)
  • Read nutrition labels, even the “healthy” options
  • Keep fats, salts, and sugars low
  • Reduce sugar consumption overall (try fruits, which include vitamins, minerals, and fiber)
  • Follow recommended serving sizes
  • Choose healthy fats (like olive oil, avocados, nuts and fish)
  • Consider supplements (talk to your doctor about what would best serve your nutritional needs)picture of bowl full of fresh salad ingredients

Health and nutrition are keys to better living, no matter your age! Balance is key. 

We, for example, strongly believe in dessert.